I’m part of the world’s largest exhibition of climate crisis art, “Portraits From The Precipice”. My work “Balloon” has been chosen by curatos of Artfinder.com to be exhibited on 2.500 billboards across the UK in November-December 2019.   www.octopus.energy/climate-art.

Represented by Kunstgalleriet Odense, Denmark  and  Kunstgalleriet Brænderigården, Horsens, Denmark 

Kunstgalleriet Odense, Kunst med humør, August 2019

Brønderslev Påske udstilling, April 2019

Nørhald Kunstforening, Fugleparade,  March 2019

Kunstgalleriet Odense, Juleudstiling, November-December 2018

Nørhald Kunstforening, Oktober 2018

Kunstgalleriet Odense, Kunst med humør, August 2018

Kunstgalleriet Odense, Juleudstiling, November-December 2017

Galleri Provence, Vadum, Autumn Group Exhibition, October 2017

Kunstforening Nordfyns Kommune, September-Oktober 2017

Kunstgalleriet Odense, August-September 2017

Kunstgalleriet Odense, April 2017

Lions Club Kunstudstilling, Kerteminde, March 2017

Kunstgalleriet Odense, August-September 2016

Gallery Sonja, OUH Kunstforening, June 2016

Art Gallery PS, Århus, February-June 2016

Filosofgangen, Fyns Art Exhibition Centrer, August 2016

Tørring-Udum Kunstforening, Censored Exhibition 2015

Gallery Birkegården, Løkken, July-August 2015

Gallery Naif, Copenhagen, May 2015

Filosofgangen, Fyns Art Exhibition Centrer, January 2015

Kunstgalleriet Odense, October 2014

ARO Kunstforening, Nyborg, September-October 2014

H.C. Andersen Festival, Censored Exhibition, Odense, August 2014

FFF Kunstforening, Odense, July 2014

Kunstgalleriet Odense, May-June 2014

Dalum Kirke, March-April 2014

Lions Club Påske Udstilling, Kerteminde, April 2014

FFF Kunstforening for Børnecancerfonden, Odense, March 2014

Nørhald Kunstforening, February 2014

Dalum Landbrugsskole Kunstforening, N0vember-December 2013

Gallery Sonja, OUH Kunstforening, September-October 2013

Dalum Apotek Kunstforening, August 2013

Bolbro Borgerhus, May 2013

Lions Club Påske Udstilling, Kerteminde, April 2013

Selvhjælpcenter, Odense, February 2013

Frivillig Center, Odense, September-November 2012

Højbyhus cafe og borgerhus, In-situ exhibition, April 2012

Filosofgangen, Fyns Art Exhibition Centrer, January 2012

Filosofgangen, Fyns Art Exhibition Centrer, July 2011