Lena Smirnova

Liked to draw from the moment was born in 1955.

Artist Lena Smirnova Acrylics paitnings
            Lena Smirnova 2015

Got a chance to do this in the best Russian technical university doing sketches for student’s tabloids between passing exams in quantum mechanics and solid-state physics.

Continued to produce ideologically correct drawings for the university magasins and decorations for the student theatre company.  When not teaching the same students in physics.

Got a PhD-degree in Mechanical Engineering probably because artistic images of the tire-assembling equipment were irresistibly exciting.

Relocated to teach in Denmark, got another PhD-degree  and enjoyed lecturing with particular emphasis on illustrations with a chalk and pen on the blackboard and every other available surface.

Returned on the fast track of drawing and painting when understood that results were interesting for others than myself.

My funny biografi. Artists's biography.
Hardcover of the book

My illustrated CV in Danish “INDvandrehistorier” is published as a small book in 2011 (ISBN 987-87-994978-0-5).   It can be bought  her or loaned at the library. It is about my meeting with Denmark and Danes, standing between two cultures, loughing and loving.